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Our talented team of print professionals engage today’s consumers through visual media. They’re caring, progressive, bold, and persevering. Together, we seek to deepen our clients’ connections to their audiences through our understanding of available space and how wide-format printing can be best employed. We embrace change, push the limits of technology, and drive innovation in visual communication.

Beyond the team members shown, the efforts of the production and installation teams must be acknowledged. Without their hard work and dedication our work would not reach the world.


Dan Maher

Founder & President

Head of the organization, Dan leads many projects and counsels clients on how to transform their businesses and brands. In 1996 he moved to Toronto from Newfoundland where he learned the business of visual communication. He got his first big break with the Penske account, and quickly became their go-to guy for everything that needed visual enhancement (including paving one time). When he’s not with clients, he enjoys a good challenge (including Iron Chef cook-offs), and always (and we mean always) says exactly what he thinks.


Nathan Nisbet

Vice-President of Sales & Marketing

A true marketing maverick, Nathan has had an impressive career path, taking on roles as varied as golf instructor, account executive, strategic planner, and sponsorship coordinator. Nathan has a proven track record of effecting change and leading teams to generate innovative communication solutions that consistently exceed business objectives. An avid golfer and Adventure Racer (ranked #1 in Ontario) he probably owes his leadership spirit to his love of sports.


Sabrina Ferri

Office Manager

Sabrina began her career at Muffler Express as the Office Manager. A big fan of soccer and bingo, she takes her competitive spirit and applies it to helping her clients win the attention of their audiences. She is also responsible for all IDY’s operational activities including; taking charge of our inventory management, installations, shipping, accounts payable, and work-back schedules. In her downtime, she works with sports stars in the NFL, NBA, and NHL when they come to Toronto and need a local guide to the city.


Jermaine Bryan

Head of Creative Services

Jermaine’s career, not unlike many designers, started with a passion for photography. His talent for brand messaging combined with his wild imagination pointed him in the direction of advertising. A natural problem solver, Jermaine can take a complicated issue and transform it into a simple creative solution. In addition to staying current on the latest trends he also enjoys the world of motor sports, and is the proud owner of a beautifully wrapped 2012 Supra. He takes ownership over all projects he is involved with and keeps his cool while leading the team of designers in IDY’s Creative Studio.


Martin Staniszewski

Head of Production

Martin began his career in printing, running every piece of equipment imaginable before joining IDY just 2 years ago. His strengths lie in his attention to detail and his ability to understand and execute the latest wide-format printing techniques – unlocking experiences for brands across virtually every category. These experiences are anchored in every discipline spanning retail, commercial, fleet, and experiential marketing industries. In his spare time, Martin enjoys bike riding and skiing with his family.